PRO series


Professional Multifunction Hard Drive Duplicator — 3-in-1 Copy, Erase and Test

With a high copy speed up to 300MB/s, the HD CyCLONE can complete tasks as quickly as a whirlwind, whether it is copying, erasing, or testing hard drives. With an innovative platform design which enables plugging and unplugging hard drives easily, and a durable, robust core system, it is the best tool for factories and enterprises to increase productivity and efficiency.
platform hdd duplicator
duplicator loaded with 2.5 and 3.5 HDD

Open Platform Design

Creative Open Platform design for the convenience of SSD duplication. Inserting the SSD converter (SSD to HDD interface) into the copy port, and exchanging SSD without unplugging the converter to save time and achieve higher efficiency.
mSATA, NGFF and M.2

Supporting Multi-Format SSD Interfaces and CF & CFast Card

HD CyCLONE series HDD Duplicator support mSATA, NGFF(M.2) and multi-format SSD interfaces. CF and CFast Card are also supported.
*The converters are optional

Choose the most efficient copy mode to fit your needs

4 copy modes for SSD/HDD are provided, including Whole Media, System and Files, All Partitions, and Percentage copy. User can choose the most suitable copy mode according to different needs.
Copy Area
Uncopied Area

Whole media copy -
Longer copy time

Whole Media copy will copy the entire hard drive regardless of whether it has been partitioned or not.

System and Files Copy –
Time-saving mode

System and Files Copy copies only stored system and files data, not unused space area.
Example: Partition 1 has a capacity of 158GB with 58GB of data in it. Only 58GB of data will be copied while unused space area will not be copied, saving time.

All Partition Copy –
Copies partitioned area only

Example: a 600GB hard drive has two partitions as Partition 1 with 158GB and Partition 2 with 200GB. While All Partition Copy mode is selected, these two partitions will be copied and the undefined area will not be copied.

Percentage copy

When the file system of a hard drive is undefined, Percentage Copy can be used by setting up the starting and ending point of data to copy.
copy speed drops down while using computers

Upgrades Copy Speed for SSD Duplicator

The copy speed of HD CyCLONE Hard Disk Drive Duplicator is up to 300MB/s or 18GB/min. The copy speed will remain the same even if the number of load is increased. With superior copy speed and productivity, HD CyCLONE Hard Drive Duplicator is the best choice for who cares about high quality and efficiency.

Eight Data Erase Modes Keep from the Leakage of Confidential Data

When manufacturers/maintenance and repair shops need to reuse hard drives, this is an ideal function to erase data based on different level of secrecy.

Powerful Quality Check

H3 Read Test
H5 Read/Write Test
H6 Cyclic Unused Area Write/Read Test
H7 Fake Card Test

6 Testing Criteria
Test range/ Bad sector ratio/ Read speed threshold/ Write speed threshold/ Capacity threshold/ Format type

4 Testing Results
Bad sector quantity / Tested capacity / Average read speed / Average write speed

Other Features

Supports copying hidden partition area (HPA) of the hard drive

Supports MBR and GPT format

Detailed work records for effective production status tracking, providing customer production reports

Asynchronous copy of hard disk drive - no need to wait for copy

Use S.M.A.R.T technical analysis to understand the hard drive aging degree

Automatically alerts user to remove any slow hard drives to prevent them from slowing down the overall copy speed

HD CyCLONE Tutorial

Technical Specification

Operation Type Standalone(No PC required)
Language English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese (Chinese is optional)
Target 4, 9, 19
Copy Speed 300MB/s
Copy Mode Synchronous/ Asynchronous
Copy Area Whole Media/ System and Files (Intelligent Copy)/
All Partition Copy/Percentage copy
Supported Media 2.5" and 3.5" HDD/ SSD
Supported File Systems for Intelligent Copy Windows: FAT16/32, exFAT, NTFS
Linux: ext2/3/4
Display 2x16 Backlit LCD
Operation Interface 4 Control Buttons
System Memory 128MB
Power Required 115~230V
Size & Net Weight 1 to 4: 9*34*36cm/ 5kg
1 to 9: 15*25*62cm/ 9kg
1 to 19: 17*44*47cm/ 9kg
Temperature Range Operating:41°F ~ 113°F (5°C ~ 45°C)
Storage:-4°F ~ 185°F (-20°C ~ 85°C)
Humidity Range Operating:20%~80%
Certification FCC, CE, RoHS