SOHO series

NVMe Touch Series

An operation experience like never before

The intuitive touch screen interface makes professional copy work extremely easy. No complicated operation procedures or professional parameter settings required. Simply touch and select the function keys on the screen, and the duplicator will start to work automatically and fulfill your needs. Although the duplicator size is small and compact, it comes with all kinds of features. In addition to copy, NVMe Touch also provides you with other professional functions, such as compare, format and erase functions.

 NVMe SSD Duplicator with touch screen

New Touch Screen Interface

SOHO NVMe Touch’s intuitive touch screen allows more screen space, making it easier to see the progress and time elapsed for the copy. All operating functions can be viewed and selected from the same screen.

Achieve a professional copy without complicated IT knowledge

EZ Dupe’s new SOHO duplicator series inherits EZ Dupe brand spirit and is designed with a user-friendly interface, presenting a screen that displays information in a concise manner, improving the overall operating experience. EZ Dupe presents four major professional functions, all available with a touch of the screen without requiring any complicated pre-work setting or reading the operation manual. Simply press the desired function, and the duplicator will begin the operation.
4 equipped functions for SSD cards: clone, compare, erase and format

Complicated functions made simple!

As part of its easy-to-use package, SOHO NVMe Touch duplicator also possesses a professional NVMe copy function, a compare function, an erase function, and a smart format function. Achieve professional results with SOHO NVMe Touch duplicator!
SOHO NVMe Touch duplicator uses intelligent copy technology which can quickly analyze the effective data area of disk and copy only the file system and data area instead of the whole disk, improving work efficiency. Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and files are supported by intelligent copy.
copy SSD speed up to 35MB/s
It only takes about 2 minutes to copy 4GB of valid data within a 64GB capacity of disk by intelligent copy, comparing to 32 minutes by copying the whole disk area of 64GB.
compare two cloned drive
The copying result may be inconsistent with the original file due to abnormalities sometimes. EZ Dupe SOHO NVMe Touch provides compare function so you can compare the copied disk against the source disk to ensure the file on copied disk is completely identical to the original file.
format a usb
During the format process, the duplicator will format the disk according to the size of the capacity. FAT16 for SSD below 2GB, FAT32 for SSD over 2GB but less than 32GB, and exFAT for SSD over 32GB.
erase a usb drive
Erases the disk to prevent leakage of confidential data.

Support both M.2 NVMe SATA

The NVMe Touch series is divided into two models, with the latest release, NVMe Touch MK-2, supports both M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA interfaces, providing greater Compatibility!
*NVMe Touch MK-1 only supports M.2 NVMe.
NVMe duplicator device protect

Device Protection

The NVMe ports are powered off during standby mode and powered on when working, to prevent short-circuit when a NVMe SSD is inserted.

Other Features

Independent interface design; copying 7 SSDs takes the same time as copying 1 SSD

No warm-up or cool-down required

NVMe Touch Tutorial

Technical Specification

Operation Type Standalone(No PC required)
Language English
Target 7 (MK-1 Model No. DM-HE0-8V07NTP; MK-2 Model No.DM-HE0-8V07NTP2)
Copy Speed 35MB/s
Copy Mode Synchronous
Copy Area System and Files (Intelligent Copy)
Supported Media NVMe SSD
Supported File Systems for Intelligent Copy Windows: FAT16/32, exFAT, NTFS
Linux: ext2/3/4
Display LCD Screen
Operation Interface 4-button touch screen
System Memory 128MB
Power Requirement 100-240V 180W
Size 18cm*19cm*43cm
Net Weight 3.5kg
Temperature Range Operating:41°F ~ 113°F (5°C ~ 45°C)
Storage:-4°F ~ 185°F (-20°C ~ 85°C)
Humidity Range Operating:20%~80%

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