Compatibility issue while copying CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc? Come find the EZ Dupe duplicator!

Not all the CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicators can fulfill your duplication needs
The most common problem is the compatibility issue with the optical discs which may cause the failure of duplication. EZ Dupe’s CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicator has the best compatibility. It not only supports the media from major optical disc manufacturers, but also the major brand optical disc drives (burners).

1 to 1~11

DHP technology
Connect Computer

1 to 1~11

BD 12x
Supports DVD/CD

1 to 3~9

Support BD/ DVD/ CD
Heat Dissipation





Apperance Upright Upright Upright Horizontal
Copy Disc v v v v
Build-in HDD - v - -
Transfer ISO file - v - -

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