The best way to copy the hard drive efficiently.

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When we talk about copying a hard drive, the common way is bit by bit copy every section of the disk. Besides that, EZ Dupe provide four different copy mode to copy your drive based on your demand. You can copy what you want and reduce the process time at the same time.
‧Whole media copy
Whether the hard drive has been partitioned or not, whole media copy will copy bit-by-bit the entire hard drive, including the unused area and undefined area. Therefore, it takes longest process time.
It’s a best solution for unknown file system, cause it can ensure the completion of the data.
‧Intelligent copy
It’s the time-saving mode. Intelligent copy can analyze valid data area promptly by unique source analysis technology and copy system and files only. Supported file systems under three major operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS. No need to copy the whole media and allowing you to do more in less time.
For example, Partition1 has a capacity of 158GB of data in it. Instead of copying the entire hard drive including the unused area, only the 58GB of data will be copied.
‧Partition copy
Copy only partition to a new drive. If a 600GB hard drive has two partitions: Partition1 158GB, Partition2 200GB and undefined area 200GB.
As shown above, while using the partition copy mode, Partition1 and Partition2 will be copied, but the undefined area will not.
‧Percentage copy
When the file system is undefined, you can use percentage copy to set up the starting and ending position.
The duplicator will only copy the area that you set up.